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Gujar, Sujit Prakash

Personal Information:

Position: PostDoc Gujar, Sujit Prakash
Location: INR 237

Hello Everybody
Welcome to my personal home page!!

Currently I am working as a post-doctoral researcher with Prof Boi Faltings, LIA, EPFL, Lausanne. Prior to this, I was research scientist at  Xerox Research Centre, India.

I completed my PhD in computer science department @ Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. (PhD Thesis). I worked with Prof Y Narahari. I am being awarded with 'Alumni Medal of IISc for the Best Thesis in CSA for the academic year 2011-12' for my PhD Desertation, "Novel Mechanisms for Allocation of Heterogeneous Items in Strategic Settings". I was recipient of Infosys Fellowship.

Here you can find something about Sujit. My personal info, academics, professional career, publications etc etc...

For my CV/ResumeResearch Statement, Teaching Statement.

(Last Updated June 2015).

Thanks for visiting my web page !!!

Dr Sujit Gujar.

Research Interests

My Current Research Interests include:

  • Game Theory and Mechanism Design Theory
  • Algorithmic Mechanism Design
  • Application of Game Theory to real world problems in various domains such as: crowdsourcing, social networks, Internet advertising, intelliegent transportation, online education etc.
  • Cryptographic Game Theory (Securing Auctions)
  • Stochastic Game Theory
  • Cryptography



Recent Publications
  • Auction Based Mechanisms for Dynamic Task Assignments in Expert Crowdsourcing, AMEC/TADA 2015
  • An Optimal Bidimensional Multi- Armed Bandit Auction, AAMAS 2015
  • Dynamic Task Assignments: An Online Two Sided Matching Approach, MATCHUP 2015
  • RISC: Robust Infrastructure over Shared Computing Resources Through Dynamic Pricing and Incentivization, IPDPS 2015.
  • A mechanism to optimally balance cost and quality of labeling tasks outsourced to strategic agents, AAMAS2014.
  • A quality assuring multi-armed bandit crowdsourcing mechanism with incentive compatible learning, AAMAS2014.
  • C-Cloud: A Cost-Efficient Reliable Cloud of Surplus Computing Resources, IEEE CLOUD 2014.
  • Sustainable Employment in India by Crowd- sourcing Enterprise Tasks. ACM DEV 2013.
  • Optimal Multi-Unit Combinatorial Auctions, Operational Research 2013.
  • Truthful Multi-Armed Bandit Mechanisms for Multi- Slot Sponsored Search Auctions, Current Science 2012.
  • Redistribution Mechanisms for Assignment of Heterogeneous Objects, JAIR 2011.


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