We develop knowledge-based technologies that allow humans and computers to deal better with the artificial world that surrounds us.


Boi Faltings and Goran Radanovic present a tutorial on Eliciting High-Quality Information at the Federated AI Meeting in Stockholm, July 2018.

The second edition of the textbook “Intelligence Artificielle par la pratique” has been published by PPUR in January 2017.

The new book “Game theory for data science: eliciting truthful information” is now appearing at Morgan Claypool publishers.

Recent Results

Our work on LocalCoin, a joint effort between EPFL, IIS and HKUST, was featured on Bitcoin news.

Naman Goel, Mohammad Yaghini and Boi Faltings have developed a new notion of fairness that can be optimized with a convex loss function.

Job opportunities at LIA

There are openings for new Ph.D. students at LIA. Applications must go through the I&C doctoral program, EDIC.

There is an opening for a post-doc at LIA. If you are interested please contact Boi Faltings.

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