COCONUT - COntinuous COnstraints Updating the Technology

Keywords: Continuous constraints, constraint satisfaction, global optimization
Contact Person: Djamila Sam-Haroud
Phone: (+41 21) 693-352 09
Partners: EPFL, University of Nantes, University of Vienna, Darmstadt Technical University, University of Coimbra, Universit'e Catholique de Louvain, ILOG

Project Description

Current numerical techniques cannot reliably enumerate all the solutions of a non-linear continuous Constraints Solving and Optimisation Problem (CSOP). Complete solution techniques, on the other hand, can only handle problems that are too small to be relevant for industrial applications. The goal of this project is to develop new complete solving techniques that scale up to industrial applications, that is, to push up the limit of tractability by at least one order of magnitude. We will develop new inference algorithms that efficiently exploit the properties of new abstractions and we will develop new ways of combining different techniques. The result will be new and improved complete solving techniques for non-linear continuous CSOP, a set of combination algorithms and a benchmarking suite.

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