Distributed Interactive Scheduling with Abstractions

Keywords: Abstraction, constraint-based reasoning, interval graphs, graph reduction, decomposition, clustering, interchangeability, conflict isolation, temporal reasoning, resource allocation
Contact Person: Boi Faltings
Phone: (+41 21) 693-2537
E-mail: Boi.Faltings@epfl.ch
Partners: AI Group of the University of Geneva
homepage: http://liawww.epfl.ch/~choueiry/spp-if-project.html

Project Description

Abstractions are commonly sought as a powerful means for reducing the computational complexity of problem solving. We claim that, additionally, they are also important for supporting intelligent interactions with the human users as well as negotiations among agents.

The research at EPFL concentrates on elaborating new abstraction techniques for interactive resource allocation. We also propose a global framework for distributed decision making that encompasses components for

We show that this framework is well-suited for an implementation in terms of multi-agent.

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