ELSE - Evaluation of Language and Speech engineering

Keywords: language technology evaluation, quantitative evaluation, black box evaluation, generic evaluation protocol, language technology testing, predictive evaluation, performance assessment, part-of-speech tagger, linguistic resources, multilingual resources, language engineering
Contact Person: Martin Rajman
Phone: (+41 21) 693-5277
E-mail: Martin.Rajman@epfl.ch
homepage: http://www.limsi.fr/TLP/ELSE/

Project Description

One of the ambitious goals of ELSE is to identify what is realistically possible in the domain of Language Engineering evaluation, taking account of particularities of the various sub-domains, available linguistic resources (lexicons, corpora), existing players and current practices.

ELSE will first identify a baseline grain size for the concepts and data needed to implement an evaluation scheme compatible with various approaches and allowing re-use in different language and different application contexts. Such a minimal set will provide a common reference for system developers and researchers to compare their approaches, and for decision-makers to assess the merits of existing systems and strategies in Language Engineering.

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