IDIOM - Interactive Design using Intelligent Objects and Models

Keywords: Case-based design, constraint satisfaction, floorplan layout, intelligent CAD
Contact Person: Claudio Lottaz
Phone: (+41 21) 693-6682
Partners: Chair for Architecture and CAAD at ETH Zurich

Project Description

In this project, we combine constraint satisfaction techniques with research into intuitive design support to build an intelligent CAD tool for architects. Cases from former designs are combined within a new context to form an appropriate solution for a new task. Constraints provide the adaptation knowledge for cases and are used to define the combination of cases. Furthermore, architecural guide-lines and laws are modelled using constraints, i.e., constraints are generated according to the current state of the design. Constraints can be fixed are soft. A soft-constraint expresses a designer's preferences rather than an restriction imposed by law or physical principle. The system later activateds as many high-priority preferences as possible. Linear programming methods allow interactive exploration of solution spaces in order to find best solutions interactively.

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