Integrated Management for Multimedia Networks

Keywords: Allocation of demands, network planning, connection oriented networks
Contact Person: Steven Willmott

Project Description

The IMMuNe (Integrated Management for Multimedia Networks) Project addressed the problem of resource allocation in Multimedia networks providing Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees. This is characterised by the need for network control at three levels:

  1. Short-term decisions about routing and connection acceptance which are made by the network elements in a distributed fashion.
  2. Network management by operators who set network parameters to optimize performance, and resources,
  3. Long-term planning of network topology and allocation strategies.

In standard approaches these levels are separate. However it is clear that there is much useful information that each layer can provide the others, hence one of the aims of IMMuNe is a vertical integration of the layers. Three laboratories at EPFL - (LIA, LRC and TCOM), together with Swisscom and Synlogic each bring expert knowledge to one or more of the domains.

LIA's interests in IMMuNe were related to layer 3 described above and include: developing techniques for the allocation of Quality of Service constrained demands in connection oriented networks, planning for improved use of network topology and intelligent regulation of network parameters to improve cost effectiveness and quality of service.

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