The JATlite-ACL package

Keywords: JATlite, Java package, agent platform, agent development, content language
Contact Person: Monique Calisti
Phone: (+41 21) 693-6677

Project Description

Many readers are already familiar with agent technology and possibly already make use of some specific agent toolkits for the development of agent-based applications- For two years we now use JATLite as one of the main agent-based development tools. Various projects have been implemented using JATlite and we continue to deploy it for two mainreasons: it is freely available, and it is easy to install and to use.

By making use of it, we discovered some limitations, that were partly due to the architecture of JATLite itself and partly to the current state of agent technology Our increasing participation to the activity of FIPA, Foundation for Physical Intelligent Agents, and the growing interest from the agent and non-agent communities for the FIPA Specifications contributed to some new interests.

In particular, we have been studying and using the standard FIPA Agent Communication Language, FIPA-ACL. Believing in the value of standard specifications and realising that more and more agent developers are making use of FIPA-ACL, we decided to develop a package that would enable JATLite agents to speak FIPA ACL. By default, the original JATLite platform allows the deployment of the KQML agent communication language.

The Java-based packages that have been developed in our Laboratory can be considered as an extension of the basic JATLite structure. However, in order to make JATLite agents FIPA-ACL compliant, we had to modify several layers of the original JATLite structure.

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