The projects listed in this section are still available! Students interested in working for a project, please get in touch either with the main contact listed here, or with the person(s) mentioned in the project's description.
The types of the projects are: Master/Semester/Either (i.e. either Master or semester project).

#DateTypeProject nameResponsibleReport
105/02/2019SShiftable Load Scheduling in Micro-GridsPanayiotis Danassis
210/01/2019SDéploiement d\'une maquette pédagogique, sur la base de mini-projets, pour l\'apprentissage de la programmation orientée objet en JavaJamila Sam
307/11/2018MExploiting Transfer Learning to predict the economic potential of companiesMartin Rajman
407/11/2018SAutomatically building a hierarchical taxonomy of tagsMartin Rajman
#DateTypeProject nameResponsibleReport


These projects are currently underway and are therefore no longer available.

#DateTypeProject nameResponsibleReport
130/11/2018MVideo Games Aspects Mining & RecommendationDiego Antognini
201/02/2019SSolving the Tragedy of the Commons Using Multi-Agent Reinforcement LearningPanayiotis Danassis
326/09/2018SNovel Method to Encode Sentences for Downstream TasksDiego Antognini
413/07/2018SCausal Inference in Observational DataIgor Kulev
529/05/2018EPoincaré Embeddings for Document SummarisationAleksei Triastcyn
#DateTypeProject nameResponsibleReport


Here you can find former student projects and (for some of them) links to their reports.

#DateTypeProject nameResponsibleReport
124/08/2018SSummarizing Game ReviewsDiego Antognini
207/06/2018SAnalyzing Game ReviewsDiego Antognini
307/04/2018SImplementing a Reputation Token in Blockchain (Ethereum)Naman Goel
423/01/2018SIARPA Challenge : Information Aggregation Competition by US Intelligence AgencyNaman Goel
530/11/2017SInvestigate Opinionated Review Document EmbeddingsDiego Antognini
629/11/2017SSimulating a Sports GameIgor Kulev
724/11/2017STackling Discrimination in the Sharing EconomyNaman Goel
824/11/2017SParsing Citations in Scientific PapersJean-Cédric Chappelier
924/11/2017SSegmentation of Proper Names in Scientific PapersJean-Cédric Chappelier
1020/11/2017SA Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Approach to the Multi-Predator Pursuit DomainPanayiotis Danassis
1120/07/2017SDialog-based Example Critiquing SystemFei Mi
1213/06/2017SCollaborative Bandits for News RecommendationPanayiotis Danassis
1313/06/2017SDeep Learning for News RecommendationAleksei Triastcyn
1412/06/2017SAdaptive RoutingPanayiotis Danassis
1512/06/2017SLearning Deep Representations of Time SeriesIgor Kulev
1609/06/2017SDéploiement d\'un outil de correction automatique pour les travaux pratiques de programmationJamila Sam
1706/06/2017EPersonalized Neural Conversation ModelFei Mi
1802/06/2017SMachine Learning for Quality Aware Task Assignment in CrowdsourcingNaman Goel
1915/05/2017SNovel Approach For Tuning Models’ Hyper ParametersDiego Antognini
2015/05/2017STopic Modeling & Sentiment AnalysisDiego Antognini
2115/05/2017SNovel Machine Learning Methods For Sentiment AnalysisDiego Antognini
2204/05/2017EAmélioration et extension des outils de correction automatiques pour les MOOCsJamila Sam
2329/12/2016EKnowledge Distillation for Deep Neural NetworksAleksei Triastcyn
2422/12/2016MGenerative Adversarial Networks (GANs) for Dialog Response GenerationFei Mi
2517/11/2016EApplying Memory Networks to Question-Answering (QA)Fei Mi
2611/11/2016EData Summarisation for Imbalanced DatasetsAleksei Triastcyn
2711/11/2016ECrowdsourcing Incentives with Submodular Reward FunctionsAleksei Triastcyn
2811/11/2016SRational, not Unfair : Incentives for Fair Machine LearningNaman Goel
2911/11/2016SLarge Scale Recommender Systems (Collaborative filtering, k nearest neighbors)Naman Goel
3009/11/2016SAd-hoc teamwork in the pursuit domainPanayiotis Danassis
3103/10/2016SBuilding a multiagent competitive gaming platformIgor Kulev
3203/10/2016SPredict seizures in EEG recordingsIgor Kulev
3303/10/2016SModeling dynamic temporal behavior using Recurrent Neural NetworksIgor Kulev
3411/12/2015SMechanism Design for Monitoring Crop DiseasesGoran Radanovic
3511/12/2015SEmoMap: Emotion Sensing of the EPFL campusGoran Radanovic
3611/12/2015ESemi-Supervised Text Classification with Word RepresentationsClaudiu Musat
3714/11/2015EEvaluation Metrics Trade-off for Recommendation SystemsAleksei Triastcyn
3808/01/2015SBuilding Teams: A Co-operative Game Theory Approach and Scalable SolutionSujit Gujar
3922/12/2014SDo I hear 100?: Bidding Platform for Semester ProjectsGoran Radanovic
4018/12/2014ERecommender System Platform for the Montreux JazzFlorent Garcin
4112/12/2014SPay What you want and Share profit!!!Sujit Gujar
4212/12/2014EBetter Patrolling strategies to detect fare invasionSujit Gujar
4302/12/2014SPredicting the Success of Altruistic RequestsGoran Radanovic
4401/12/2014SDon’t sell cheap! Buyer behaviour predictionFlorent Garcin
4514/07/2014SDynamic matching in crowdsourcing platformSujit Gujarpdf
4620/05/2014ESwissnoise: Aggregating Opinions to Predict the FutureFlorent Garcin
4716/05/2014ENo news, bad news! A personalized News Recommender SystemFlorent Garcin
4816/05/2014ESay what? learning to recognize speechFlorent Garcin
4916/05/2014EIt’s all Greek to me! learning to translate languages.Florent Garcin
5002/05/2014SSecuring AuctionsSujit Gujar
5105/12/2013EExtract opinions to predict the future!Florent Garcin
5226/11/2013EIt’s all Greek to me! learning to translate languagesFlorent Garcin
5326/11/2013ESay what? learning to recognize speechFlorent Garcin
5415/11/2013SBootstrapping Recommender Systems with the CrowdsourcingGoran Radanovic
5515/11/2013SEvaluating Incentives in Crowdsourcing using GamesGoran Radanovic
5611/06/2013EWhere's the Fun in Games?Claudiu Musat
5729/05/2013SHierarchical Topic Models for NeuroscienceJean-Cédric Chappelier
5829/05/2013SExtraction of Protein Concentration from Scientific LiteratureJean-Cédric Chappelier
5916/05/2013ENo news, bad news! A personalized News Recommender SystemFlorent Garcin
6016/05/2013SCollaborative BattleshipFlorent Garcin
6112/04/2013EThe Balanced News RecommenderClaudiu Musat
6216/11/2012SContent Extraction from PDF Scientific ArticlesJean-Cédric Chappelier
6316/11/2012SGUI for Biomedical Relationships Extraction from LiteratureJean-Cédric Chappelier
6408/11/2012SSwissnoise: a stock market for predictionFlorent Garcin
6511/07/2002MForecasting Foreign Exchange Rates with Neural NetworksMarius Calin Silaghipdf
6630/04/2012EPay It Forward - a Dynamic Question Oriented Recommender SystemClaudiu Musat
6704/04/2012SInteraction with virtual elements in a reality augmented environmentJamila Sam
6829/06/2010STrading agent for Advertisement Auctions (Elias Mirza)Ludek Ciglerpdf
6906/01/2011STrading agent for Advertisement Auctions (Kirill Petropavlov)Ludek Ciglerpdf
7006/03/2012MIntelligent Modelling and Visualization of Air-Quality in LausanneJason Jingshi Lipdf
7106/03/2012EModel class priors in reinforcement learningChristos Dimitrakakis
7208/01/2012STrading agent for Advertisement Auctions (Jonas Vautherin)Ludek Ciglerpdf
7316/12/2010SGoing Once... Going Twice... Sold! - Distributed Payments Determination in Combinatorial AuctionsThomas Léauté
7416/11/2010MNatural Language Processing Tools for Biological Scientific PapersJean-Cédric Chappelier
7515/11/2010EReasoning under UncertaintyThomas Léauté
7615/11/2010EComparing Topic Models and Concept Networks for measuring text similarityJean-Cédric Chappelier
7709/11/2010SI like that song! - KDDCup on music recommendationsFlorent Garcin
7823/10/2010SA Small Step for FRODO, a Giant Leap for Multi-agent OptimizationThomas Léauté
7922/10/2010SMaking Everybody Happy in Best-First Order - Best-First Iteration in Distributed Optimization ProblemsThomas Léauté
8013/06/2010STeach me! Mapping students to problemsFlorent Garcin
8111/06/2010SLie to me - a user experiment on strategyproof mechanism designFlorent Garcin
8204/05/2010SFollow the White Rabbit - Identifying User SessionsFlorent Garcin
8311/04/2010SWho is who - Contextual User Identity IdentificationPu Li
8408/04/2010ESAT solver inside CP solverRadoslaw Szymanek
8506/04/2010SGoing Once... Going Twice... Sold! - Distributed Winner Determination in Combinatorial AuctionsThomas Léauté
8601/04/2010SSaving Lives: the Distributed Kidney Exchange ProblemThomas Léauté
8708/01/2010SMulti-agent Meeting Scheduling with Privacy GuarantiesThomas Léauté
8816/11/2009MMarket based mechanisms for optimizationBrammert Ottens
8909/11/2009SProtecting Privacy in Multi-agent Satisfaction ProblemsThomas Léauté
9021/02/2012STrading agent for Advertisement Auctions (Winnie Tse)Ludek Cigler
9101/05/2009SAnalysis of Malicious Behaviors in Information SystemPu Li
9229/04/2009SRobustness in Multi-agent Optimization under UncertaintyThomas Léauté
9328/04/2009SProtecting Privacy in Multi-agent OptimizationThomas Léauté
9427/04/2009SHeuristics for Distributed Pseudo-tree RegenerationThomas Léauté
9514/04/2009ENetwork Flow ConstraintRadoslaw Szymanek
9624/11/2008SEfficient Data Structures for Decision DiagramsThomas Léauté
9724/11/2008MIntrusion Detection SystemMichael Schumacher
9810/11/2008MGeometric ConstraintRadoslaw Szymanek
9923/05/2008SInformation Extraction out of Job ProposalsJean-Cédric Chappelier
10028/04/2008SEfficient Representation of Lexica ("Dictionnaries")Jean-Cédric Chappelier
10124/04/2008EEfficient Data Structures for Decision DiagramsThomas Léauté
10223/04/2008SConstraints promoted to First-Class statusRadoslaw Szymanek
10316/04/2008SExtensional ConstraintRadoslaw Szymanek
10415/04/2008EImplied ConstraintsRadoslaw Szymanek
10515/04/2008EDecomposition of constraintsRadoslaw Szymanek
10615/04/2008SKnapsack constraintRadoslaw Szymanek
10730/11/2007MRanking Scientific Publications using the Citation GraphMartin Vesely
10823/11/2007STruck-Task scheduling using DPOPBrammert Ottens
10922/11/2007EEfficient Data Structures for Decision DiagramsThomas Léauté
11020/11/2007MMeta Graph-Based Global ConstraintRadoslaw Szymanek
11116/11/2007EGlobal Cardinality ConstraintRadoslaw Szymanek
11216/11/2007SRegular Language Membership ConstraintRadoslaw Szymanek
11316/11/2007SExploration of different domain representationRadoslaw Szymanek
11415/11/2007SAmong ConstraintRadoslaw Szymanek
11522/10/2007EDistributed Robotic Odor Source LocalizationThomas Léauté
11606/06/2007EInformation Extraction with Markov LogicMarita Ailomaa
11719/12/2006ESelf-debugging in Complex Software SystemsThomas Léauté
11814/12/2006MMonitoring Quality of Service using Reputation MechanismsMarie Decreuzat
11914/12/2006MMonitoring Quality of Service using Reputation MechanismsMarie Decreuzat
12014/12/2006EExtract Information from Online ReviewsMarie Decreuzat
12114/12/2006MFormal Verification Methods applied to Air Traffic ControlMichael Schumacher
12212/12/2006MVerifying Workflow Properties in OpenWFEMichael Schumacher
12311/12/2006MExtending peer-to-peer networks for approximate searchMichael Schumacher
12405/12/2006SPlug-in systems in JavaMiroslav Melichar
12520/09/2006SDistributing the Agent-based Simulation of the Traffic in SwitzerlandMichael Schumacher
12611/08/2006EStore the Minimal Conflicting Sets in a Finite State MachineDavid Portabella
12711/08/2006EWeb Interface 2. AJAX + DHTMLDavid Portabella
12816/06/2006SWeb Account ManagerDavid Portabella
12916/06/2006SLearning to create Installers (Big plus when searching for a job)David Portabella
13010/03/2006EAn interface for Infoscience, Nebis and Open ArchiveDavid Portabella
13107/03/2006ECreating a User Interface with GTK+ or Ms Visual StudioDavid Portabella
13207/03/2006EExtending BitTorrentDavid Portabella
13307/02/2006SUsing Virtual Categories for browsing Content DirectoriesPaolo Viappiani
13407/02/2006EEvaluation of Preference QueriesPaolo Viappiani
13507/02/2006SA Web Interface for Apartment searchPaolo Viappiani
13630/01/2006EPDA Web InterfaceDavid Portabella
13730/01/2006EWeb Browser Control, Java Native InterfaceDavid Portabella
13826/01/2006ETimetable creator of the I&C faculty courses - using contraint satifaction programmingMichael Schumacher
13926/01/2006ESmart Mobile Timetable Application for the "Transports Publics de Lausanne"Michael Schumacher
14026/01/2006MAgent-based Simulation of the whole Swiss Railway NetworkMichael Schumacher
14126/01/2006EAgent-based Simulation of the Traffic in SwitzerlandMichael Schumacher
14226/01/2006SDistributed Web Service Directories - extending WSDirMichael Schumacher
14325/01/2006SSimulation of the Loetschberg TunnelMichael Schumacher
14425/01/2006MIDE for Web Service Composition with OpenWFE (as an Eclipse Plugin)Michael Schumacher
14503/01/2006MDevelopment of distributed distributional semantics technique on P2P systemsVinn-Toan LUU
14619/12/2005EReputation-based Quality of Service Monitoring for Service Oriented EnvironmentsMarie Decreuzat
14701/12/2005EWeb InterfaceDavid Portabella
14818/05/2005SConstraints Programming with Functors and GenericsPaolo Viappiani
14918/05/2005EJackrabbit for OpenWFEMichael Schumacher
15018/05/2005EBusiness Rules for Web ServicesMichael Schumacher
15118/05/2005EWeb Service Composition with OpenWFEMichael Schumacher
15217/05/2005EMulti-user Preference DiscoveryPaolo Viappiani
15304/05/2005EAgent-based Simulation of Intelligent Highways.Marie Decreuzat
15410/03/2005EApplying the Semantic Web to Dialogue SystemsDavid Portabella
15511/02/2005EA Multiagent Meeting Scheduling TestbedAdrian Petcu
15604/02/2005ERun-time transformation of java bytecode for Web Service invocationDavid Portabella
15702/02/2005MA Dynamic Scheduling TestbedAdrian Petcu
15807/12/2004EGraphical Process Editor for OpenWFE (as an Eclipse plugin)Michael Schumacher
15907/12/2004EXPDL to OpenWFE: A Translator for Business Processes DefinitionsMichael Schumacher
16003/12/2004MContribution to Wizard-of-Oz experimentsMiroslav Melichar
16103/12/2004EExtending RDP for Handling Related Questions and Question Relevance ScoresDavid Portabella
16203/12/2004EJCL: Editor and Scripting engine for Constraint-based Optimization ProblemsPaolo Viappiani
16303/12/2004EAlgorithms for Efficient Pareto AnalysisPaolo Viappiani
16403/12/2004MRapid Prototyping of Decision-support ApplicationsPaolo Viappiani
16503/12/2004MPerformance Improvement of Distributed Information Retrieval SystemVinn-Toan LUU
16601/12/2004SImplementation of k-best solutions in SCFG parsingJean-Cédric Chappelier
16701/12/2004MReforging of Natural Language Processing ToolkitJean-Cédric Chappelier
16803/04/2004S3D visualization methods for network security eventsPedro Bados
16913/05/2004MAgent-oriented Framework for Decentralized E-Commerce using Reputation MechanismsMarie Decreuzat
17018/05/2004EWorldwide Competitive Electronic Business AgentsIon Constantinescu
17112/05/2004MNew metrics for Information Retrieval SystemsJean-Cédric Chappelier
17230/11/-0001MImplementing language processing techniques for retrieving information from real flight database
17330/11/-0001MAgent Cities: Agent Based Information Services for Mobile Users
17430/11/-0001MAgent Cities: Deploying Agent Technology for Next Generation Internet Services
17530/11/-0001MVers un ordinateur champion du monde de Go ? (2)
17630/11/-0001MApprentissage non supervisé pour étiqueteur automatique de phrases
17730/11/-0001MRegular Expressions for Natural Language Processing
17830/11/-0001MVirtual web pages based on physical simulation
17930/11/-0001MFinite State Transducers Library
18030/11/-0001MRailway schedule agent
18130/11/-0001MA Statistical Part-of-Speech Tagger for Natural Language Processing
18230/11/-0001MNavigation dans un dictionnaire électronique
18330/11/-0001MAffine Arithmetic Library
18430/11/-0001MIntegrating Speech in Web browsers
18530/11/-0001MFlight Data Statistics Generation
18630/11/-0001MA Simple CSP Solver for Continuous Constraints
18730/11/-0001MAn Efficient Representation of Data-Oriented Parsing Tree Grammars
18830/11/-0001MA Powerfull Spelling Error Corrector and Natural Language Tokeniser
18930/11/-0001MA Description Logic reasoner based on CHRIon Constantinescu
19018/05/2004EReputation Aware Intelligent Web ServicesIon Constantinescu
19118/05/2004MSemantic Web scenariosDavid Portabella
19203/12/2004MOpen Constraint Optimization for Virtual EnterprisesAdrian Petcu
19301/01/2004MIntelligent Identification and Assessment of Web Services' Vulnerabilities: A Positive Security Model
19401/01/2004MCooperative Network Security Prevention
19501/01/2004EProactive Risk Assessment for Network Security Prevention
19606/04/2003SAide à l'enseignement: un système d'information multi-instanciableFlorian Seydoux
19730/11/-0001MAdaptation methods in case based reasoning
19830/11/-0001MMediators for Information Agents
19930/11/-0001MInterchangeability algorithms for Soft CSP
20030/11/-0001MSearch algorithms in a Distributed CSP
20101/04/2004SA Java Library for Natural Language ProcessingJean-Cédric Chappelier
20201/01/2004MClassification et catégorisation hiérarchique de documents
20301/04/2004MDistributed Computing Toolkit for Pervasive Computing Applications.Vicent Schickel-Zuber
20401/01/2004MA real statistical TCP model to understand your network layer
20501/01/2004SConcept formation for network users
20601/01/2004STowards an intelligent SPAM expert terminator
20714/04/2004SWeb security information wrappingPedro Bados
#DateTypeProject nameResponsibleReport